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The Hounslow Story 2017

The Hounslow Story was developed following extensive stakeholder feedback on the JSNA process and comprises evidence on the health and social care needs of our borough. The priority needs of Hounslow residents are:

  1. Cardiovascular and respiratory disease – prevalence includes 33,000 patients with hypertension, 17,500 diabetics, 13,500 asthma patients and 7,000 coronary heart disease patients
  2. Falls – 848 emergency hospital admissions were caused by a fall 2015/16
  3. Dementia – there are an expected 400 people with dementia that are undiagnosed
  4. School readiness – 1083 children did not achieve a good level of development in 2015/16
  5. Accidents in children aged 0-14 – 522 emergency admissions in 2015/16
  6. Obesity in children and adults – 1092 Year 6 children, and 123,000 adults are overweight
  7. Physical activity – 54,000 adults doing less than 30 minutes exercise a week
  8. Air quality and noise – air quality causes 200 premature deaths a year and noise affect’s 60,000 residents
  9. Cancer – at least 31,000 people that should have been screen for cancer were not
  10. Intimate partner violence – there were 2691 domestic offences in 2015/16
  11. Termination of pregnancy – 1006 women over the age of 25 had a termination of pregnancy in 2015/16
  12. Learning disabilities – there are 1000 residents with a learning disability excluding the impact on their families / carers

The aim of this report is to provide evidence, information and provoke discussion on the future of working with our community and voluntary sector partners to improve on these priority health and wellbeing needs of the borough.

Read the Hounslow Story here.